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Parts made in Northumberland, assembled in Dorset, raised on Tesco Value Tinned Spaghetti, saved by Texas and Napper's Mite Cafe. When given a guitar named Bonny May of Berwick and a hat, she accidentally ventured into La La Land. She was rescued by Zebra Soap ad now swings about in gratitude.

Smiling At People Who Frown At Me

Muse .001
[13.10, 21:58]

~ The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best


Muse .002
[15.10, 16.49]

I want to experience the ultimate reality [whatever that is!]


Muse .003
[21.10, 19:25]

I'm balancing
                   rather delicately
                                          on nothingness.


Muse .004

[23.10, 19:33]

Playing jenga with jaffa cakes.


Muse .005

[26.10, 19:37]

I'm going to paint this pumpkin.


Muse .006

[26.10, 20:01]

Tragedy rocks.

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