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Friday, 3 September 2010

Blue eyes, blue eyes, I can't deny those blue, blue eyes

Workkkk today.

New person started .

Was minding my own business, walking between the washing up room and the kitchen, when a tea towel flew out of nowhere, towards my face.

Then it hit this random passer-by.

Zach stuck his head round the wash-up room door, exchanged an 'alright, mate' convo with the guy he'd hit [apparently they knew each other so this was acceptable] before apologising to me for nearly hitting me. I retorted that I would have smashed his pretty face in had he done so. We're good =)

Really quiet at work. I made stencils for the cappuccinos =) They didn't work quite as well as planned, but.... room for improvement on another quiet day =)

Sneeze ->

<- Flower / Star

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