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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Smoking cigarettes behind your garden gate



Nothing to report.

Cigarettes while I did my homework. =D

The world is almost back in balance.

A mild musing:

-Do you class yourself as a feminist?

-Any ordered thought behind that question, or...?

-You're a very thought-provoking person. You make me curious.

-How so?

-Sometimes, you'll smile at me when I let you through the door first, but sometimes, you'll just wait for me to come through first, even though I tell you to come through. Why?

-... I don't know. I guess, sometimes, you're carrying something heavier than me, and I don't want you to suffer on my account. Other times, I do it just to make you huff.

-So are you a feminist?

-A feminist? No. I think it's over-rated. I don't mind guys being old-fashioned. I think it's sweet, in proportion. I just don't like being deemed as useless in certain circumstances, just because I'm female.

-You're very capable.

-Thanks. Why do you always let me go first?

-Certainly not because I think you're incapable. I just want to be polite.

-I know you're polite. You've been nothing but polite to me since you started working here.

-You've been nothing but weird to me since I started working here.

-You're sweet.

-You're weird.



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