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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Notes on Mormfongs

Christmas Year 1:
James gets everyone 'Remus Lupin Appreciation Society' t-shirts
James gets Remus an ear-flap hat.
Remus gets everyone rocks and books. Naturally. 
Peter gets everyone socks: pawprints, snitches, chocoholic
Sirius gets James an 'I <3 LE' t-shirt
Sirius gets Peter a 'James Potter Is My Hero' t-shirt
Sirius gets Remus a '[#I#] S t-shirt

Christmas Year 2:
Sirius gets everyone onesies: pawprints, wolfy, snitch, cupcakes
Remus gets everyone their favourite chocolate, plus pretty quills
James gets everyone 'Offical Marauder' t-shirts
Peter gets everyone cactuses

Christmas Year 3:
Sirius gets James an 'Arrogant Mule' t-shirt
Sirius gets Peter a gingerbread man decoration book
Sirius gets Remus werewolf bookends
James gets Remus a hedgehog jumper
James gets Sirius a life-size dog toy
James gets Peter a 'Give me the cupcakes and no one gets hurt' mug
Remus gets James a snitch cushion & hat
Remus gets Peter a cactus cushion
Remus gets Sirius 'A Christmas Carol'
Peter gets everyone 'Marauder' scarfs

Christmas Year 4:
Sirius gets James a 'Padfoot is my Bitch' t-shirt
Sirius gets Remus a Scottie dog cashmere jumper
Sirius gets Peter a pair of 'Sirius Black is rather cool' socks and matching scarf
Remus gets Sirius a set of nodding dogs
Remus gets Peter a box of sugar mice
Remus gets James a My Little Pony + poster
James gets Sirius pawprint-themed crockery
James gets Remus chocolate and some books
James gets Peter a rat-themed tie
Peter gets James a stag-themed tie
Peter gets Remus a wolf-themed tie
Peter gets Sirius a pawprint tie

Christmas Year 5:
Sirius gets Peter a 'Rats are cooler than hamsters' t-shirt
Sirius gets Remus a 'I <3 Puppies' t-shirt
Sirius gets James a 'Reindeer are for life, not just for Christmas' t-shirt
Remus gets James a copy of Bambi + huge poster
Remus gets Sirius a dog collar
Remus gets Peter a copy of 'An American Tail' + huge poster
James gets Remus a hat with wolfy ears
James gets Sirius flea shampoo and a bone-shaped chocolate bar
James gets Peter a hamster ball full of sweets
Peter gets Sirius a book on dogs
Peter gets James a book on deer
Peter gets Remus a book on wolves

Christmas Year 6:
Sirius gets everyone firewhisky and 'Lily, will you PLEASE go out with Potter already? He's driving us INSANE' t-shirts

Remus gets everyone chocolate and socks and mini Buddhas
James gets everyone gillyweed
Peter gets everyone their very own boxers. HINT TO STOP WEARING MINE! Remus, I'm ashamed of you.

Christmas Year 7:
Sirius gets James a metal stag head
Sirius gets Remus a model pirate ship and a captains hat
Sirius gets Peter dress-up rat costumes coz 'es a top bloooke
Remus gets Sirius a book on law concerning flying muggle vehicles, plus a book of fail-proof flying charms, and a cape
Remus gets Peter a copy of 'Ben' + poster

Remus gets James car antlers
James gets Peter rat porn
James gets Remus wolfy slippers and gloves
James gets Sirius a life-size plastic greyhound
Peter gets everyone new cactuses, plus books on cactus care

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