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Thursday, 19 August 2010

And now it's four in the mornin' yes yes y'all in

No work today, thank fuck.

Woke up on the floor, covered with someone else's sleeping bag.

Vomit was crusting up my hair.

There were three mixing bowls full of my vomit next to me.

Tim and I were quite happy to get up at 5am, and almost trip over Mike, who was lying in the hallway, guarding the empty drinks table.

We woke him up, had a deep conversation about what the fuck happened last night, and then I got everyone diet coke.

We then woke up Will - affectionately named Jack Daniels, because I couldn't remember his actual name, and he had a bottle of it - with a chirpy "Wake up, it's 5 o'clock!" He was unimpressed.

We drank a bit more, to postpone the hangovers a bit more, and then I went and washed all the vomit out of my hair.

Then, more people had woken up, so I made everyone tea and coffee.

We struggled with the task of opening the back door for the dog, and after literally half an hour, I managed to open it. A small button almost defeated us.

We then watched some Top Gear, and then Mike left for work. Our prayers are with him.

I snuggled up to Will on the sofa for another couple of hours, before the guys left in search of bacon sandwiches.

We watched shitty kids' shows.

I eventually left, after having to entertain Chris's little sister for two hours.

I stumbled into town, and then manfully endured the 40 minute bus ride home.

I live.

Oh, 'Motel Cabbage' chapter 10 about to go up =)


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