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Friday, 20 August 2010

The trick to life is not to get too attached to it

Lust tastes like tequila and love tastes like whiskey. Love burns for longer and warms you up on the inside and sometimes it makes you do stupid things. Tequila makes you wasted. You can get wasted on lust and warmed by love. ~Jackson Rathbone

I must get a tattoo of this. I wish I was 18 already. Only one more year and two months today!

Day off work today. I've been ploughing the internet all day getting inspiration for stories, etc. I've realised that I have fuck all of the holiday left before I have to go back to school. Hopefully I'll have failed everything so that I don't have to go back. =)

<- I love and want this tat. I'm gonna be inked up on my 18th birthday =P

           My 'Real' character's tat. How fucking gorgeous is this? ->

'Motel Cabbage' inspiration. >

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