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Friday, 13 August 2010

We're all in tears for a world that's broken

Day off work today!

Helped Geord out in the garden all day, then made dinner: roasted sweet potatoes, runner beans from the garden, chicken [vegeterian option for me], followed by apricot and apple sorbet [improv recipe. not bad]

Learnt some new guitar chords, and daydreamed a great scene for a story involving someone whose life revolves around their guitar, despite not being able to play it.

Gave much thought to my Zombie Apocolypse escape plan.

Replied to 'Motel Cabbage' reviews, and got a few more, too! You guys... beyond the best =) I wish I could give y'all hugs and kisses and Jack Daniels. And Jasper, of course.

Not much being done with 'Real', my original story, a la momento, but 'Motel Cabbage' got a boost. Nearly finished the next chapter! Should be out tomorrow, or Sunday, depending on whether I go to sleep tonight. At the moment, I'm drinking rather strong coffee, playing with a lighter, eating pickled onions, and my music.... full blast through headphones [parents object otherwise]. I'd say sleep is doubtful. But I have work tomorrow, so I may have to.


Anyhoo, on with the mindless nonsense that shall shortly issue forth from my mad mind!


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