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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Took a job, workin' late

Heyy there!

Workkk today, very busy. Lots of old people. Sigh. Did lots of writing today, as I couldn't sleep past 2am. Finished chapter 8 of 'Motel Cabbage', and got half-way through chapter 9. I shall post in a second. Stuff's getting all angsty and dark, with gooey undertones and oddness. A strange combination, yet hopefully interesting to read. Listened to lots of Muse and My Chemical Romance to write this, with a bit of Wolfmother, and Michael Jackson.

'Real' is getting fleshed out now. Lots of character development a-going on. There are mentions of Smurf pyjama bottoms. I'd really love some.

Work tomorrow as well, but Thursdays are usually fairly quiet. I got the application form for my motorbike licence today. Going to send that off tomorrow, hopefully get it within two weeks, so I can get my CBT, and then -hopefully- a gorgeous bike. Unfortunately, I have to wait two months to ride a 120cc bike, but... worth the wait. =)

'Motel Cabbage' inspirational pic for my writing later:


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